Ilford Sportsman Cameras

This page acts as an INDEX to the Ilford Sportsman camera range, distributed by Ilford for around 10 years, starting in 1957.
INDEX to 'Other' Ilford cameras, can be found by clicking this link:

Non-ILFORD cameras, named as if in the Sportsman range, sold by Photopia in 1981/82:

Despite the number of cameras shown on my two Index pages, MANY other Ilford cameras exist, some relatively rare in the UK as they were never marketed here. A gentleman named Andy Holliman, whose father Albert was Ilford's Marketing Manager (Cameras) and later Product Group Manager (Equipment), has published a book which shows most all of them and gives background information relating to the more noteworthy. His book is entitled: Faces, People and Places; The Cameras of Ilford Limited; 1899-2005; ISBN: 0-9545342-1-2

For an introduction to Andy's book and to read about the origins of the Sportsman camera range and ILFORD's Amateur Products Division, please click on Ilford Sportsman History.

An interesting website, with much to enjoy, is run by Peter Wallage. Do take a look at his Ilford page, and also browse his wonderful camera repair ability - gained from his lifelong involvement with precision engineering. His Photophernalia page has some comment about the start of Selo film, subsequently an Ilford film trademark for over 40 years.

'Pile of Sportsman' cameras
Picture courtesy of David Muggleton

Below are shown those ILFORD Sportsman cameras which were sold in the UK, plus a few others that have come to light during the preparation of this website. The compilation is far from complete.

Operating Instructions are included on the respective web pages for the Original 1957 Sportsman, the Style 2, the Style 4, the Prontor 125, the Style 5 and the Sportsmaster.

Original Sportsman in 1957

Sportsman Style 2, Spring 1959

Sportsman Style 3, December 1959
& Ferrania Lince

Sportsman Style 4
Rangefinder in Spring 1960

other models in Spring 1962
& AMC M135

Sportsman Auto & Auto RangeFinder,
Spring 1962

Sportsman Auto & Auto RangeFinder Updates

Sportsmaster, Spring 1961
& Hanimex Electra II

Sportsmaster Updates
& Hanimex Electra II

Sportsman Manumatic 1962

Sportsman Prontor 125 in 1963
plus the 250 & 300 versions

Sportsman L and
Sportsman S-L (around 1963)

Sportsman 300L, 300SL, 300LK and 300EB
(maybe 1965 ?)

Sportsman Rapid (maybe 1965 ?)
Probably never sold in the UK

Sportsman F (alias Dacora dignette F)
Probably never sold in the UK

Sportsman Style 5; 300 & 125 in 1967

Sportsman Instant
(126 Instamatic cartridge range)

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